I have been extremely lucky in film sound.  I began my career working under two of the best mentors anyone could dream of:  Walter Murch and Ben Burtt.  The main lesson, among thousands, I learned from them is that film works best when it is truly and deeply collaborative.  In this blog I will express my thoughts about film sound design, sound editing, music, and mixing.

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Randy,

    After reading your first three blog posts I have to say that is a fantastically honest blog on film sound design. I am currently a student in my final year in England and your blog post ‘The Landscape Sound Lives In’ is something incredibly relevant to me right now as some of my fellow course mates and I have been insisting on our involvement in the process of script suggestions and we have been seeing first hand the benefits to the film when that inclusion is taking on board by the director.

    I find the concept of Cacayanga really interesting and hope to incorporate it into my own work and as for The Revenant, what grasped me was the variance in the atmospherics.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs posts!
    Thanks, Rory Hunter


  2. I am teaching a class on sound and music in film this semester. I have requested that my students follow this blog. Next time I teach this class, it will be a requirement. You have always been one of our most articulate representatives in film sound.


  3. Similar to Vanessa Ament’s comment, I am teaching a class on the importance of Sound in Films. Your work on film sound speaks volumes by itself, but in addition to this you continue to contribute with great articles in filmsound,org, designingsound.org and now with your blog. This will be required reading for the students. Designing a Movie For Sound is already part of their learning both from an audio and visual perspective. Thank you, Martin.


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